Our Story

We revive embroidery and preserve traditional cultural practices.

who we are

Wenlin Studio is a London based company. This project was started in 2017 by Gul & Ubaid. Our focus is on crafting and designing hand-embroidered textile items, blending modern aesthetics with the traditional ways of artisanal workmanship. Our production spans both Pakistan and the UK. Central to our ethos is the preservation of traditional textile embellishment methods, which are fading due to the mass market realities. Our vision revolves around revitalizing global communities by combining our designs with their crafts, thus generating economic incentive for cultural preservation. Currently our hand embroideries are executed in Punjab, Pakistan, and then finished in London & Lisbon.

Our Vision

Our commitment to reviving traditional crafts and empowering artisans remains, as we are envisioning to actively engage with international research and impactful initiatives. Our ultimate goal is to foster a profound appreciation for objects that embody beauty, culture, identity, and heritage. Through participation in research endeavors, we seek not only to elevate our own brand but also to contribute substantively to the broader discourse surrounding sustainable fashion practices. As we look towards the future, we envision a harmonious blend of creativity and innovation, as Wenlin Studio becomes synonymous with transformative solutions.


At Wenlin Studio, we design every motif of our embroideries by hand painting it onto acid free paper. Click here to read more about our design process.

Hand Embroidery

All of Wenlin Studio's sampling and production is done by hand by our women artisans of Punjab, Pakistan.

Natural Dyeing

As we work towards a more ethical and sustainable creative industry, we are reserching to make our textile colors naturally using historical recipes.


Wenlin Studio’s products are sewn in different places, depending on where the product is going to be shipped. We work with skilled sewers in Lahore, London and Lisbon. We make paper patterns of every silhouette before assembly and sew it using our premium line of recycled tape metal zipper designed with YKK.
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