Our Story

We empower communities and play our part to make sure that hand embroidery does not become a lost art.

who we are

Wenlin Studio is a London based company. This project was started in 2017 by Gul & Ubaid. We design and produce hand embroidered textile products in Pakistan and the UK, with a blend of contemporary aesthetic and the traditional ways of artisanal workmanship. We believe in playing our part in preserving old methods of embellishing textiles that are vanishing due to the onslaught of synthetic materials and mass production. Our vision is to empower communities around the world through adding value to their crafts by our designs and making their crafts financially viable again. Currently our hand embroideries are executed in Punjab (Pakistan) and finished in London.

the need for a change

Gul has spent 8 years in Shanghai working as head of fashion design departments of major Western companies, designing fashion products and getting them produced from Chinese factories for sale in American and European markets. There is no denying that mass production and synthetic textiles produce a lot of waste. In an ideal world, everyone should have access to products that are made with 100% natural materials. It is that ideal for which Wenlin Studio was founded to aspire towards.

what we buy and what we sell, makes a difference

It is a gentle nudge to the direction where we believe we all need to go together. We as the retailer and you as a consumer, hold considerable power to change the market (see Porter’s five forces) and we all need to make the right choices about what we sell and consume. It is important for us to know where the products are designed and who is producing them, with what materials and how the economic activity is contributing to the communities and their craft.

Our Vision

We have started our journey by working with artisans from Pakistan who undertake the embroidery and sewers from London who finish the products. Each of our products is unique as it is handmade. We are committed to use only 100% natural, surplus or recycled textiles. We have started with creating bags, but we are working to add multiple product lines in future, to make Wenlin Studio a complete lifestyle brand.


At Wenlin Studio, we design every motif of our embroideries by hand painting it onto acid free paper. Click here to read more about our design process.


After drawing our design outlines onto butter paper, we transfer designs onto fabric using the old method of pouncing. We prick holes onto the surface of paper and transfer pigment through these holes directly on the fabric, priming the fabric for embroidery.

Hand Embroidery

All Wenlin Studio’s hand embroideries are made in Punjab by local artisans using traditional hand embroidery techniques with our contemporary designs.


All Wenlin Studio’s products are sewn in London studio by our skilled sewers. We make paper patterns of every silhouette before assembly and sew it using our premium line of recycled tape metal zipper from YKK.
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