Eco Printing with Gabriella


Last weekend, we enjoyed a creative afternoon with Gabriella, who specializes in Eco printing for Obotanino.

We talked about various methods of natural dyeing using plants and mordants that assist the dyeing process. We even had an impromptu eco printing session and shared our dyeing techniques.

We also exchanged dyeing materials, and Gabriella introduced me to Catuaba from Brazil—dye stuff that’s a blend of diverse tree barks. It's traditionally used as a beverage and is rumored to have aphrodisiac powers (though unproven by science). I'm eagerly awaiting the chance to dye with it and share the outcomes from this bark material.

Naturally, we wrapped up our day with delicious food and a dash of boardgame rivalry. A splendid Sunday indeed, – vibing with folks who are as plant-obsessed as we are.

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