Winter Sale at Wenlin Studio


With Black Friday and holiday season approaching, many businesses and fashion brands feel the need to take part in the seasonal consumer spending activities. More products, more spending, increased profits; that is the reality of the markets in which we all participate.But as a conscious business, we realize that our participation in the market must not generate excessive waste. Everyone is facing the dangers of climate change and unless we take conscious steps to help, the dangers that our planet face will only increase. We want to encourage the habit of buying less and spending on quality instead of quantity. Therefore, for our lovely customers, we would like to offer a discount on our sustainable Hua pouches on our website. All our bags are made with completely natural and recycled materials (yes even the zipper is recycled).Let us all make the right choices and say no to ‘plastic’ this holiday season. Follow the link to explore the discount.


Winter Sale Wenlin Studio

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